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The coop

We develop your projects with you

We offer the typical services of a software development agency (web applications and services, complex web pages, mobile apps) but break with the client-provider model of a quote leading to the delivery of a “finished” product months later.

We will accompany you throughout the development path. We will use specific methodologies for creating dynamics of cooperation, thus the project becomes an organic process that will adapt to changes and new requirements.

We are a tech-coop

Our goal is to make the software development process easy.

The members of our coop are developers with experience and knowledge working in a large range of areas, and we are eager to offer our skills.


Software and web development

Our specialty is advanced software development (dynamic webs, mobile or desktop apps).

Technological needs analysis

We study all the options and will explain what they entail. This will help you make good decisions.

Tech Companions

Managing a new software development is expensive and complex. It’s important for us to listen, understand, guide and, eventually, go with you down this path.

Collaboration and networking

We collaborate with other social economy entities to cover aspects of your project which are not our specialty, such as design.

Let’s open source

It’s always up to the client, but when possible, we open source our projects, so they can be useful for other people in the world with similar needs.

The team

Alfred García

Alfred García

Free software and open source philosophy enthusiast. Learning, crafting, and tech are the main reasons I enjoy software development.

Pere Picornell

Pere Picornell

Collaborating is the only way to achieve those technological advances for society. You will find me skating in the Sants district of Barcelona, developing or contributing to social movements.

Sergio Sánchez

Sergio Sánchez

Contributor. Software developer, clean code and agile development fanatic. Continuous integration supporter. Starting a beautiful relationship with software quality procedures.

Meet us

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